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We've got everything to make your next gig unforgettable! Consider us your personal event concierge, bundling all your needs into one place. Our goal is to let you live your best life, fully immersed in the concert experience, from the first beat to the moment the final note fades and the curtain drops.


Whatever you need, we already got it. Check out our feature list and between me and you.. this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Interactive Map

Easily explore the venues layout, stage times, food vendors, Find your route and share location with friends!

Information and FAQs

Everything you need to know in one place. Keeping you in the loop and in the know.

Customer Support

Everyone's experience is different and we are here to make yours the best it can be. Questions or queries? Let us know via live chat and we will help you resolve it as swiftly as possible.


Shows come and go, but the memories we make together last forever. Capture and share your favorite moments with a vibrant community of music lovers. Post your memories to the event wall and relive those unforgettable experiences any time you want.


Concerts are an experience, and we believe that the journey is as crucial as the destination. With us, you can plan your route, book parking, or access local bus information, making your trip to the gig as seamless as the show itself.

And so much more!

Like we said, this is just the beginning. We believe there's so many ways to enhance the event experience and we won't stop until we do.

What is evntz?

We are your all-in-one event companion, right in the palm of your hand. We're here to help you navigate the concert experience and connect with communities of like minded fans who share your passion for live music.

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